About Us

Welcome to the pride and joy of our business.  Champions Locksmith & Gunshop is a well established business since the late 1940’s. Emil Swanepoel bought the business in the year 2000 and built it up to the  “Champion” business it is today

Here at Champions Gun shop we are more than just a gunshop, we CARE about YOU the owner, and we care about your WEAPON.  

We got the expertise  to make sure you get the weapon you need to do the job at hand and the service you deserve.

What We Do

• Sale of New Weapons
• Second hand Firearms for sale
• Accessories and Attachments
• Expert Weapon Advice
• Reloading advice for beginners
• Building of New Rifles
• Restoration of Antique
• Fitment of New Rifle Stocks
• Fitment of Rifle Scopes
• In House Shooting range – Please book in advance

Contact Us

Contact: 016 421 3744/5
Emergency Contact: 083 653 2137
Fax: 016 421 2558

Email:  admin@championlg.co.za

Physical Address: 1 De Villiers Ave, Vereeniging, 1930
Sira Reg#: 0957366

Expert Advice • Sale of New and Secondhand firearms • Since 1940